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Welcome to the Planet Geologists website.  This has been established to provide an opportunity for former geologists and others who have worked for John Fuller’s Planet Group of Exploration Companies to get together to share stories, photos, successes, what we have done before and after Planet and any other items of interest, both personal and professional. It is also a tribute to John Fuller who was a visionary in both the oil and minerals exploration fields.

Planet operated from the mid 1950s to the mid 1970s, ramping up to the “Group” in the mid 1960s.  It was an exciting place to work with many opportunities for discovery, great people who included up to 40 geologists and geophysicists, and excellent support from our administration and operations staff, our own laboratory and top class local and international consultants.

John Fuller & Graham Brown
John Fuller & Graham Brown

This website is for everyone to enjoy, old Planet people as well as anyone else who is interested, so please contribute as well as reading – there is a myriad of Planet stories and experiences to share.  Remember that not everyone was at Planet all of the time, and therefore your experiences may never be known to others unless you tell them, hopefully with some photos, and even reports or press cuttings.

Those wishing to contribute to this website can either send their contributions to the Webmaster, Andy Marosszeky, or if you are a genuine old Planetarian, have Andy provide you with a password to access the site so that you can add your material yourself.

I look forward to following the development of this blog with great anticipation.  There are already some interesting items included, but I know there is a lot more out there, so let’s see it for everyone to enjoy.


Graham Brown, former General Manager of the Planet Group

14 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. AndyMar says:

    I’ve been thrown in at the deep end as Webmaster by Graham which means learning how to drive the system Dashboard …
    Bear with me …

  2. Noel Leeder says:

    Hi Andy.
    I believe that, if Graham sought your skills as Webmaster, he knew that success is assured! A great opportunity to keep the Planet flag flying really high with memories of those amazing years in pursuit of a major role in Australia’s resources future. Lady luck didn’t give us the breaks we deserved but everyone in Planet gave the intense exploration effort their all and they should always be very proud of the dedication and focus they committed to the task. The full history of this MUST be told and I believe that Graham’s initiative to this end is a magnificent beginning. Let’s go!!
    Noel Leeder.

  3. This is a really interesting and informative content.

  4. AndyMar says:

    The theme is a commercial template called ‘Oracle’ for Woprdpress

  5. AndyMar says:

    Hi John,
    My apologies – the template is called Socrates, not Oracle …

  6. AndyMar says:

    This site is written using WordPress and a commercial template called Socrates …

  7. AndyMar says:

    I have added Fritz Spaaragarren (ex-John Taylor & Sons) to Planet People (originally supplied by Louis Hissink, spelling of surname “fine tuned” by David Hawley) …

  8. AndyMar says:

    Do a Google search for WordPress+Socrates …

  9. AndyMar says:

    This website is non-profit, assembled for ex-Planet employees, by ex-Planet employees …

  10. AndyMar says:

    The website works fine in my Explorer and I’ve had no other complaints about Explorer … I have had a couple of complaints about other browsers …

  11. GAB says:

    This site appears to be working well. Great to see so many planet people.

  12. PatURQ says:

    Hi This is a great site, so Glad I found it, see Laser Electronics it now has something to say.

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