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PLANET OIL COMPANY NL (extract from the book-  Planet Mining Company Pty Ltd, 1970,  )

Planet Oil Company No Liability, the parent of the Planet Group of Exploration Companies, was incorporated in Victoria on November 20, 1961. The Company has a nominal capital of $20 million.  Paid up capital is $8,722,617 in 15,149,180 fully paid 50  cent shares and 5,740,137 50 cent shares paid to 20 cents.Wholly-owned subsidiaries of Planet Oil Company No Liability are:

  • Planet Exploration Company Pty Ltd
  • Planet Mining Company Pty Ltd
  • Planet Management and Research Pty Ltd
  • Companies in which Planet has a 50% interest are:
  • NSW Oil and Gas Company NL
  • Planet Metals Ltd
  • Planet Gold Ltd

The Planet Group of Exploration Companies is one of the most active oil, natural gas and minerals explorers in Australia.  The Group directly or through partnerships or farm-outs has highly qualified staff continuously engaged on investigation of hydrocarbon prospects covering many thousands of square miles of Australia.
Planet Oil Company’s partly owned and subsidiary Companies hold concessions over substantial areas of Australia and the Territory of Papua and New Guinea for base metals, precious metals, uranium and heavy minerals.

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