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Noel Leeder – Seven videos of the Flinders Ranges, South Australia

Hi All.
Finding that many of my cherished old videos are now markedly deteriorating in storage, I have just finished restoring (as best I could) seven I made in the Flinders Ranges region of South Australia twenty years ago and I have now uploaded them to Youtube in the hope that they might survive better there – albeit in the much lower resolution available online to most users of YT at present.
You might like to have a look at them and – if you DO like them – I would appreciate you copying this email to any of your friends who you feel might also like to view them.
I don’t know why so many Youtube videos do seem to get such large numbers of viewers but, if you do feel that this Outback Australia series of my old videos IS worth watching, perhaps your friends might like to swell my viewer numbers and make me a much happier old vegemite this Xmas!!    I’m now almost 87 and not likely to revisit these wonderful old haunts again!!
My long-time website at “youtube nleeder”  is the best way to get access to the total of 30 videos of Oz, France, US/UK, etc which I have uploaded to Youtube so far.  
When viewing any of them, the resolution can be upgraded by clicking on the opening 360p setting and then clicking onto the slightly better 480p option offered.  One video (“Quorn”) was converted to HD before uploading to give the further options of either 720pHD or 1080pHD but, unless your ISP does give you faster download rates than your playback speed, your viewing may stall when playback overtakes the slowly moving uploading bar, unless you wait some time for uploading to be completed before trying to play the video.
So, frankly, it is possibly best to just accept the much lower Youtube-offered resolution of 480p for most viewing, but 720p or 1080p most definitely gives much better picture quality (and better suits the more detailed image needs such as in the paintings when viewing “Quorn”) – but only if you are prepared to wait for the full upload of image before playing it back!   Sadly, we in Oz just have to put up with limited resolution on YT until – like the rest of the world – the Oz better-quality broadband rollout is finally completed and is affordable!


My latest seven Outback Australia uploads are best viewed in sequence as listed below – because the overall storyline most logically follows in the listed order :

1.  “Where IS Bruce?”        11:13 minutes.


2.  “Riding the Ridges”        6:02 minutes.


3.  “Wonderful Wilpena”      6:24 minutes.


4.  “Quorn” (in SD & HD)     7:17 minutes.


5.  “Blinman and Beyond”    9:48 minutes.


6.  “Parachilna”                    5:19 minutes


7.  “Sacred Canyon!”           9:03 minutes.


I DO hope you enjoy them – and, perhaps, your friends might enjoy them too!!
Happy Xmas to all.  And, a really great 2012!
Noel Leeder.

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