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Noel Leeder – Deputy General Manager


Noel Leeder in the Mosman Daily 9 December 2010

Noel Leeder in the Mosman Daily 9 December 2010

Two of Noel’s excellent videos :

3 Responses to “Noel Leeder – Deputy General Manager”

  1. Noel Leeder says:

    Hi to all you “Planet people”.
    So sorry that I cannot join you at the Planet Reunion 2011 – but I WILL be there in spirit, toasting you all with a glass or two or three of a good South Australian shiraz.
    Please let me know how things are with you all on my email address and I invite you to have a look at me in my old age cavorting in Alaska last year on two videos – “Frozen Fantasy” and “Mendenhall Glacier” – on my YouTube website “youtube nleeder”.
    I’m trying hard to stay “with it”!! But,it’s quite difficult at 85!!
    But – you must stay young and keep that wonderful Planet enthusiasm forever!
    Very best wishes to you all.
    Noel Leeder.

  2. AndyMar says:

    Hi Noel,
    It was very pleasant mid-year reunion, and obviously there’s a lot of good historic data to update the website … I can see I will be kept busy with this little enterprise

  3. Noel Leeder says:

    Hi Andy.
    Good to hear that the Planet 2011 reunion was so successful. I do hope that your website quickly flourishes with wonderful memories of Planet derring do of yore! It was a truly unique opportunity for keen young geologists – in never-to-be repeated times – where initiative and dedication came to the fore in that tantalising search for the elusive mineralisation we sought. A magnificent story yet to be fully told. So pleased that you are on to it!!

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