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Past Reunion pics 2010 (Contributed by Andy Marosszeky)

planet Reunion planet Reunionplanet Reunion








planet Reunionplanet ReunionPlanet Reunion








Planet Reunion








Contributed by Graham Brown

One Response to “Past Reunion pics 2010 (Contributed by Andy Marosszeky)”

  1. Noel Leeder says:

    Hi all.
    Wonderful pix!! Despite my poor eyesight and the lousy recall of very old age, I CAN identify some delightfully familiar faces and envisage the wonderful stories of the glory days doing the rounds that night!
    You all look great and it suggests that the years beyond Planet have been good ones! Even better than those truly amazing Planet years!
    Ah! Nostalgia!! Great memories of a time of astounding effort by dedicated people in search of an elusive target! ‘Twas always thus! But the effort never flagged! Long may it be so!
    Very fond memories and very best wishes to all of you.
    Noel Leeder.

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