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Photos contributed by Noel Leeder – the post-Planet Years

Dinner on MS Volendam, 15th January 2009





















Dinner on MS Volendam, 18th January 2009





















On a catamaran, Bay Of Islands NZ, 20th January 2009




















Leaving Sydney Harbour, May 2010















Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska, May 2010

Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska, May 2010

Film & Video Maker Magazine Cover, February 2011

Film & Video Maker Magazine age 18, February 2011

Film & Video Maker Magazine Page 19, February 2011

Video OF The Year, February 2011



4 Responses to “Photos contributed by Noel Leeder – the post-Planet Years”

  1. Noel Leeder says:

    Hi Andy.
    Sincere thanks for all your hard work in transferring these pix to the great Planetgeo website. I do hope many more Planet people commit their photos and stories to the wonderful archive of amazing derring do in the sixties by really venturesome and positive explorers chasing the elusive prize in then-really-remote parts of this huge continent – and beyond! I still dwell in wonder on the achievements of the stalwarts in those days of yore!
    In my old age, I try to rekindle some of that excitement by continuing to wander the world as best I can now – not easy at 87 – but far better than the alternative!! But, you young ones, please keep the fires burning and let us all know about it in the superb!!

    • annemieke english says:

      Hi Noel
      Just an odd coincidence – I came out from the Netherlands in 1949 on the original Volendam. I have seen the new one at Circular Quay – quite a modern version of our old migrant ship and probably a much more comfortable journey.
      Annemieke English

      • Noel Leeder says:

        Hi Annamieke.
        Great to hear that you pioneered Volendam’s Oz trekking! The latest Volendam is indeed a superb ship – not too large at only 62000 tonnes (unlike some which are now so huge that they completely lose their character)- and it is quite magnificently fitted out. After six weeks of delightful cruising to Alaska, we were quite reluctant to disembark once back in superb Vancouver and then fly non-stop to Sydney in only 16 hours! Could have stayed aboard Volendam for ever!! I recommend a trial 14 day voyage to New Zealand – you will love the latest Volendam! I’ll put a video of it on YouTube. Look under “youtube nleeder” soon. Bon voyage!!
        Noel Leeder.

  2. Noel Leeder says:

    Hi Annemieke.
    The Volendam/Milford Sound video is now on YouTube – open as “youtube nleeder” and you will find four videos there including “Milford Sound” which I think you will enjoy. Cruising this majestic waterway aboard Volendam was truly wonderful – highly recommended!! Bon voyage indeed!! My very best wishes.
    Noel Leeder.

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