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Planet Management & Research

PLANET MANAGEMENT & RESEARCH (extract from the book-  Planet Mining Company Pty Ltd, 1970,  )

Planet Management and Research Pty Limited is the management and operations company for:

  • Planet Oil Company No Liability
  • Planet Metals Ltd
  • Planet Exploration Company Pty Ltd
  • Planet Gold Ltd
  • NSW Oil and Gas Company NL
  • Pacific Island Mines Limited
  • Planet Mining Company Pty Ltd
  • Phoenix Mines NL

The Planet Group of Exploration Companies is engaged in active exploration for oil and gas, copper and other base metals, uranium, nickel, gold, silver, scheelite and heavy beach sand minerals (both onshore and offshore).

The Group is managed and operated by Planet Management and Research Pty Ltd (Plansearch) which employs and directs the activities of a staff of technical personnel and an impressive panel of leading overseas and local geological and mining consultants.  Plansearch has its own well equipped petrological and mineralogical laboratory, staffed by highly qualified specialists, which works exclusively for the Planet companies.

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