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Ken Apthorpe

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The header image from the Apthorpe Planet Chronicles

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  1. peta davies says:

    Attn: Ken Apthorpe

    I worked for a short time at Planet in Sydney in the 1970s before moving to WA. Remember you spent a lot of time around St Arnaud. I am still in touch with Anna Colton who was the receptionist then. Regards.

  2. AndyMar says:

    Hi Peta,
    I don’t have a current Email Address for Ken and I’m trying to get it …

    Andy Marosszeky

  3. kapthorpe says:

    Hi Peta
    Still on the planet, and enjoying the seachange lifestyle cliche in Bulli (north of Wollongong). As you see, I’m still prone to corny puns, and you may be interested to know that I finally mastered expense accounts (thanks to Excel) ! Say hi to Anna for me.


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