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Offshore Rutile Planet Video

An Offshore Rutile Planet Video added by Graham Brown … this is a low resolution video which had to be re-loaded into Youtube due to original access being corrupted to “Private Only” by Youtube …

Offshore rutile Planet video

Offshore Rutile Planet Video 1970’s

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  1. Noel Leeder says:

    Hi Graham.
    Great to see the “Offshore Rutile” film has survived – even if only as a transfer to You Tube. What has happened to other Planet films such as those of the Durack Ranges prospecting etc? Were they also salvaged from the library when the Planet Group ceased? I do in fact still have in a sealed can the 20 minute 16mm film “Drilling Ahead” I shot aboard the drill ship in Bass Strait but cannot be sure of its image quality or (magnetic)soundtrack and do not now have a 16mm magnetic sound projector to check it out and/or transfer it to digital imaging for DVD or You Tube posting. But, your Planet archive is most welcome to it if you want it. I also have some totally unedited 16mm Kodachrome I shot on Normanby Island – again in a sealed can which, hopefully, may have kept it in good shape. All great Planet memories of times way past – but not forgotten!!

  2. […] found here. A publicity video of the offshore project survived the ravages of time, and can be seen here – I’m the young fella with the sextant and logging sheets etc. Then I had to position […]

    • Graham Brown says:


      Where are you and what are you doing these days? Is there any other text to your blog? It seems a bit shortened.


      • Louis Hissink says:


        I’m in WA, working as exploration manager for small company called Brumby Resources Limited. Since Planet I joined WMC, retrenched 1977, SMEC for 7 months, Stockdale Prospecting Limited till 1982, recession and selling Hi Fi of all things in Perth, then back into the industry 1987 with Gem Exploration and Minerals Limited, various small diamond plays, found a number of new kimberlites in the NE Kimberley of WA, and now in the manganese and base metals line of work. Flat out. Editor of AIG news (Planet gets a guernsey in the upcoming issue) plus involved in plasma physics and electricity re geology – asked to submit a paper/keynote at next years 34IGC in Brisbane. Had a heart fright last year (excellent recovery).

  3. AndyMar says:

    This website is non-profit, assembled for ex-Planet employees, by ex-Planet employees …

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