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The Planet Laboratory background

THE PLANET LABORATORY (extract from the book-  Planet Mining Company Pty Ltd, 1970, )

The Petrological Laboratory was established at 60-62 Sophia Street, Surry Hills early in 1968.  Today it is one of the best equipped and staffed laboratoriesInfra- red Spectrophotometer engaged on minerals and oil exploration work in Australia. The laboratory, under the control of Research Manager Dr John Reed, provides a petrological consultation service to ensure that maximum benefit is obtained from all surface surveys and drilling exploration programmes.  This service includes precise determination of rock types, mineral composition, nature and pattern of mineral alteration and relation of mineralisation and chemical assays to rock type and rock alterations.

microhardness testerThe laboratory selects and arranges appropriate petrological or chemical services, including microscopic examination, mineragrapic examination, mineral separation and instrumental techniques such as X-ray diffraction and infra-red spectrophotometry.  Chemical analyses are contracted to outside laboratories and include atomic absorption, X-ray fluorescence, emission spectrography, electron microprobe analysis etc.

Check analyses are arranged when required, to verify the accuracy of analytical data.  Generally the Planet Laboratory does not undertake routine analyses readily available at outside laboratories.  Its function is to assess and supplement this type of analysis.  Regular field investigations are undertaken to integrate laboratory and field data.

Close liaison is maintained with CSIRO, Universities, the Bureau of Mineral Resources, State Geological Surveys and Mines Departments and other local and overseas research institutes to keep abreast of new mapping and geological advances.

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